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Quality training is a large part of what makes QuikTrip different. It’s also the reason our team members are successful in providing a fast, friendly experience for customers, reaching their personal potential, and advancing their own careers.

New members participate in a two-week training session (three for Relief Assistant Managers) that educates them in QT culture and performance expectations, and teaches them how to perform their respective duties.

Part-time team members are also educated in QT culture and performance expectations, then trained in a Clerk Training Store to perform their required tasks.

Newly promoted Store Managers receive two months of training in their assigned store and participate in a week-long Manager Development Conference that enhances their people and leadership skills.

At QT, No One is Ever Done Training

We firmly believe each team member can contribute to the training of others, and no team member, throughout their entire career, is ever finished training. Store Managers conduct follow-up training during monthly one-on-one meetings with each team member. Assistant Managers attend Leadership Skills Training, and two months after joining, all full-time team members attend a briefing reinforcing QT’s core values and purpose.