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All members of a community should share the responsibility to invest time and money in the protection of those at risk. We take this responsibility seriously, investing portions of our days and our dollars where the need is critical, the effect is long-term, and the resulting reward to society measures several times that of our original investment. As a company that often employs young people, we sense a particular need to support at-risk youth, that’s why we direct our contributions to organizations that carry out this mission.

QuikTrip’s Contribution Mission Statement

"To wisely invest dollars in community efforts that will help impact (in measurable terms) individuals in our society who are dependent on the charitable support of others. We believe the most effective way to do that is to invest our contribution dollars and volunteers in strategic efforts that help those at risk reach their functional capacity as successful, independent citizens." 
Our employees give generously to the United Way, and we respect and honor that by matching their donations dollar for dollar. These are only a few of the many ways QuikTrip and our employees are contributing to our communities.

In addition to our United Way match, QuikTrip supports many other non-profits that demonstrate their expertise in helping those in need and enhancing our communities.