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Historic QuikTrip locations getting next gen upgrades

8/1/2012 8:13:00 AM
Published with permission from Tulsa Business Journal.

BRIAN ERVIN/The new generation of QuikTrip on the corner of 51st Street and Union Avenue.

Brian Ervin

News Editor

QuikTrip will open one of its new Generation 3 stores in Tulsa in early August at one of the chain’s oldest store locations, with two more to open in Tulsa in the months to come.
The upcoming opening will be on the northeast corner of 51st Street and Union Avenue, near the intersection of Highway 75 and Interstate 44, west of the Arkansas River.  
There is currently a QuikTrip across the street on the northwest corner of the same intersection, which Tim Heuback, director of store operations, said will close when the new store opens in the next few days.
That store replaced an older, smaller QuikTrip on the southeast corner in 1982. That older store had been in place since 1962, and the site is now occupied by Jumpin J’s Bar and Grill.
“That’s one of our oldest store locations in Tulsa,” said Heuback.
The current store is 3,400 SF and employs about a dozen people.
“We needed something bigger,” Heuback said. “It’s got a lot more parking, and it’s a lot easier to move around.
The new store will be 5,700 SF, and will include a full service area, soft-serve ice cream, made-to-order coffee and new food items, and will employ 18-20 people.
Heuback said increased demand is one of the factors driving the newer, larger store concept, but he said QuikTrip also wants to “be a bigger player” in the food market.
The Generation 3 stores are “designed to look like a destination place for food,” he said.
“People who need gasoline are usually thirsty and hungry, too,” Heuback added.
The new store at 51st and Union will be the seventh Generation 3 store to open in Tulsa since QuikTrip launched the new concept two and a half years ago.
There are two others currently under construction, one of which is also a historic location for the chain.
“We’re real excited about his one,” said Heuback of the store being built on Peoria Avenue, north of I-44, on the site of the old Camelot Hotel.
The first QuikTrip store was built near the site in 1958. The new store is expected to open in October.
Another store is also under construction on 71st Street and Olympia Avenue, on the north side of the Tulsa Hills shopping center, which is expected to open in December.
“It’s a great market for us. It’s our home town. The economy’s been tough, but we’ve had some good success,” said Heuback.