Our Mission Statement:

"To wisely invest dollars in community efforts that will help impact (in measurable terms) individuals in our society who are dependent on the charitable support of others. We believe the most effective way to do that is to invest our contribution dollars and volunteers in strategic efforts that help those at risk reach their functional capacity as successful, independent citizens."

QuikTrip donates 5% of our annual net profit to qualified 501c3 agencies, which includes our United Way campaign match, support for National Safe Place agencies, and many other agencies that support at-risk youth and early childhood education. For guidelines and additional information, review the grant application section below.

United Way

The largest recipients of QuikTrip donations are the United Way agencies in the cities where we live. Our employees give generously to the United Way, and we respect and honor that by matching their donations dollar for dollar.

Safe Place

QuikTrip shares a vision of safe neighborhoods and communities. That’s why we’ve partnered with Safe Place to designate our stores as Safe Place sites for at-risk youth.

Safe Place is a national nonprofit organization that provides safety for troubled or threatened youth. Since 1991, QuikTrip has been a designated Safe Place, where runaways and at-risk youth can come in off the street, receive food and drink, and wait for a volunteer from a Safe Place agency partner to connect them with professional help or a place to stay until their situation is resolved. In addition to our stores being Safe Place sites, QuikTrip provides grants to the local Safe Place agencies.

We’re grateful for the valuable service Safe Place agencies and their volunteers provide. To learn more about Safe Place, visit

Folds of Honor

QuikTrip is proud to support our military families, employees, and customers. QuikTrip partners with The Folds of Honor to provide scholarships to military families in the cities where we operate stores, commissaries and distribution warehouses.  To learn more about the Folds of Honor and how you can help visit

Food Bank Donations

QuikTrip donates perishable food products to local food banks in the cities where we operate commissaries and distribution warehouses.

Grant Applications

QuikTrip only funds 501c3 agencies located in the cities where we live. Funding can include: "in-kind" products, formal grants, and employee volunteer time.

QuikTrip does not fund the following:

  • Religious organizations or affiliations
  • Personal assistance
  • School-related activities and sports
  • Sports teams, tournaments, races, events
  • General solicitations
  • Loans or education funds for individuals
  • National medical fundraising causes
  • Additional funding to United Way agencies
  • Individual schools, private or public

Grants Under $1000

If you are requesting funds under $1000, or "in-kind" products, please choose the email address below that corresponds to the market area in which you live. Please include detailed contact information with your specific request.

  1. Tulsa Area -
  2. Kansas City Area -
  3. Wichita Area -
  4. Iowa / Omaha Area -
  5. Phoenix / Tucson Area -
  6. St. Louis Area -
  7. Atlanta Area -
  8. Dallas Area -
  9. Carolinas Area -

Grants Over $1000

QuikTrip is currently not accepting unsolicited grant applications or sponsorships.