Fountain Drinks

The QT fountain drinks you love aren't simply syrup in water. Each drink is a perfect combination of elements carefully calibrated to produce the crispest and most refreshing fountain drink possible. We were the first retailer to offer self-serve fountain drinks, and we've spent decades perfecting the concept. Attention to detail makes for good taste, but its our attention to the details within the details that produces our remarkably consistent drinks. Our water is chilled to 34 degrees and specially filtered to remove chlorine and other chemicals that break down flavor. Our ice is filtered the same way, and you can choose between cubed or crushed. The brix (the ratio of syrup to water) is closely monitored, along with carbonation levels, and set to exact manufacturer specifications. And our syrup containers are properly stored and rotated to prevent old, stale flavors. You genuinely expect every fountain drink you get at QT to taste, feel, and quench just right and that's exactly what we hope you'd expect.

Coffee & Hot Drinks

The rich, smooth taste of every cup of QuikTrip Select Blend® coffee is a result of high production standards and a genuine love of the craft. Great coffee is an art - a delicious, energizing art that helps you survive the day to day. Every step of our production process contributes to the great taste of our coffee. Beans are carefully chosen, and artfully blended, roasted, and ground before being brewed into temperature-controlled urns with a wide variety of roasts available. Our search for steamy perfection also includes our frothy cappuccinos, lattes and rich hot chocolate. Whether your QT coffee is a delicious wake-up call or a steamy, aromatic escape, you should sip it slow and fully enjoy the flavor of our art.

Frozen Drinks

Conquer your blistering thirst with the coldest QT has to offer: an icy, flavor-infused Freezoni® or a refreshing Smoothie. Freezoni frozen drinks are calibrated with the quality and precision you expect from QT, and come in a variety of intense flavors. And if that doesn’t meet your needs, get juiced up with one of several great Smoothie drinks. For a real treat, indulge in our French Vanilla Cappuccino Smoothie. Frozen drinks are perfect for mixing. Create your own recipe using any combination of these great frozen drinks, or add in a fountain flavor, syrup, creamer or whipped topping.