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Our store employees are held to very high standards. As the face of QT, store employees are expected to take advantage of their opportunity to make our customers smile and provide them with service that exceeds expectations. Serving our customers is the most important job in the company, and our focus is on taking care of our store teams.  That caring shows as QuikTrip has placed high on Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For for the past twelve years.

Full Time

Relief and Night Assistants are promoted from part-time ranks or are hired off the street.  Our other full-time positions include Second Assistant, First Assistant and Store Manager positions, and are promoted from within. Most of our full-time employees begin as part-time employees, and are then promoted to a full-time position.

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Part Time

QuikTrip part-time jobs aren’t like other convenience store positions. They’re harder, with much higher performance expectations. But they’re also more rewarding. It’s a give and take: you give a lot, but so do we.