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The Kansas City Division consists of 92 stores in the metropolitan Kansas City area. All stores have entry level Assistant Manager and Part-time Clerk positions.


QT staffs five full-time manager positions in stores. Because this level of QT culture can’t be hired off the street, and our rigid standards and performance expectations make running our stores a learned skill, three of the five manager positions are promoted from within. The two entry level manager positions, Relief and Night Assistants, are promoted from part-time ranks or are hired off the street. They are eligible for promotion, which hinges on performance, to the Second Assistant Manager position. Second Assistant Managers are eligible for promotion to First Assistant Managers, who are then eligible for promotion to Store Manager.


Providing excellent customer service is the most important job in the entire QuikTrip organization. That’s why we stress to our part-time employees the importance of the position they hold.

QT is a busy place, and it’s important that employees not only maintain store merchandise and cleanliness, but also provide customers the service and experience they expect. Pay is competitive, with all part-time employees eligible to earn a customer service bonus at 6 months on the job, and an anniversary bonus that starts accruing after one year.

As a member of the team that consists of both part-time and full-time members, part-time hours are flexible enough to fit employee schedules and rigid enough to accommodate peak sales periods.

New employees receive at least 46 hours of training on the store and kitchen responsibilities. New employees working in Travel Centers will receive additional fuel desk training.

Part-time job applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply.

Position Hours/Week Hourly Rate Weekly Pay Estimated Annual
Relief / Night Assistant 46 $14.04 $687.96 $54,879 (depending on store performance & location)
Part-Time Clerk Varies Up to $20.00 Varies Varies
All applicants should apply at the division office or online. If selected, applicant will be contacted for an interview held at the division office.


Located on the frontage road & Foxridge Drive. From I-35 south, take the Metcalf/South 69 Highway to 231B exit left (left exit). Continue South on Metcalf Ave. to 56th Street, turn left, then make a fast right onto Foxridge Drive. From I-35 north, take the Shawnee Mission Parkway exit, turn right. Go through 3 stop lights, then exit right onto north bound Metcalf Avenue. Exit right on 58th Street, then make a fast left onto Foxridge Drive. From I-635 south, stay on 635 as it becomes Metcalf/South 69 Highway; turn left onto 56th Street then right onto Foxridge Drive. From westbound Shawnee Mission Parkway, take the right exit onto Metcalf Avenue; exit right on 58th Street then left on Foxridge Drive.


5725 Foxridge Drive Mission, Kansas 66202


(913) 362-3700