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QuikTrip Surplus Equipment


We are always improving and remodeling our stores to better serve our customers. This creates plenty of opportunity for store equipment in great condition to complete your business or program. Sign up to receive newsletters about our ongoing availability of QuikTrip Surplus Equipment!

What is Surplus Equipment?

Surplus equipment can be anything from one of our stores, corporate offices, division offices, maintenance, IT department and more. Inventory is sourced mostly from store relocations/closings, remodels, and ongoing capital replacement.


Common pieces include:


  • Bunn Smoothie

  • Bunn Cappuccino/Coffee

  • Samsung Monitors/display boards

  • POS/IT

  • Fuel dispensing

  • Fuel monitoring

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Ovens

  • Under counter coolers

  • Ice makers

  • Warmers

If you are interested in finding out more about how to buy QT surplus, enter your contact info using the form below.